Committees: Real Estate Practice Guidelines
The Committee shall study and make recommendations to the House of Delegates and Executive Council concerning procedures and practices for the establishment of title to real estate in the State, and the practice of law as it relates to land titles.  It will propose rules that will assist in the orderly and efficient transfer of land titles and reviews and proposes changes in existing title examination standards.  It performs other functions assigned by the Executive Council or President.

John A. Daum
209 S. 19th St., #105
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 346-4401, Fax: (402) 346-4402

Richard L. Anderson, Omaha
Brian F. Beckner, Osceola
Jon E. Blumenthal, Omaha
Ryan N. Boe, Minneapolis, MN
Michael S. Borders, Broken Bow
Jordan L. Brasch, Lincoln
Max J. Burbach, Omaha
Jon Cannon, Lincoln
Daniel R. Carnahan, Omaha
Andrew Collins, Omaha
Dennis W. Collins, Norfolk
Jeffery W. Davis, Beatrice
Gene M. Eckel, Omaha
Larry R. Forman, Omaha
James R. Ganz Jr., Kearney
Scott A. Gray, Norfolk,
Roy M. Hahn, Scottsbluff
John F. Hanson, McCook
Stacey L. Harding, Omaha
Kellie R. Harry, Omaha
Andrew M. Hollingshead, Omaha

Ward F. Hoppe, Lincoln
John L. Jelkin, Hildreth
Daniel B. Kinnamon, Omaha
William D. Kuester, Lincoln
James C. Lamphere, Minneapolis, MN
Loren L. Lindahl, Wahoo
David N. Lutton, Ashland
Michael D. Matejka, Omaha
Patrick R. McGill, Omaha
Patrick J. Nelson, Kearney
J. Scott Paul, Omaha
Trev E. Peterson, Lincoln
Don Schneider, Fremont
Richard T. Seckman, Schuyler
Neil Williams, Ogallala
Alan M. Wood, Lincoln
Joe W. Wright, North Platte

Executive Council Liaison:
Thomas M. Maul, Columbus

NSBA Staff:
Sam Clinch, Lincoln
Liz Neeley, Lincoln