Committees: Nebraska Lawyers Assistance Program

NLAP is a confidential program designed to assist lawyers, judges and law students through hardship, illness, addiction and other circumstances that may affect their professionalism or ability to practice law.  The Committee shall aid NLAP in achieving the following objectives:

  • Assist firms with management and case management in the occurrence of unexpected death, sickness or disability.
  • Assist with and consult on aging and retirement issues.
  • Offer confidential substance abuse and mental health support, consultation and treatment referral.
  • Develop and provide substance abuse education and prevention programs and regulations.

The committee shall also assist the House of Delegates, Executive Council and Legislative Committee in monitoring laws, regulations, practices and proposed legislation relating to chemical dependency and mental health.

For more information, visit the NLAP support page.


Rick Allan, Lincoln
Penny J. Berger, Lincoln
Jennifer A. Birmingham, Bloomfield
Edward Brink, Omaha
John C. Brownrigg, Omaha
David L. Buelt, Omaha
Adam P. Buhrman, Papillion
Jeanne Burke, Omaha
George E. Clough, North Platte
Andrew Collins, Omaha
Thomas H. DeLay, Norfolk
Katherine Doering, Omaha
Joseph C. Dowding, Lincoln
Vincent L. Dowding, Grand Island
Shawn J. Farritor, Hastings
Edward Fogarty, Omaha
Terry J. Grennan, Omaha
Thomas J. Guilfoyle, Omaha
Scott V. Hahn, Omaha
Michael J. Haller Jr., Omaha
Hon. John D. Hartigan, Jr., Omaha
Willow T. Head, Omaha
Christopher R. Heinrich, Lincoln
Tracy Hightower-Henne, Omaha
Jon L. Jabenis, Omaha
Matthew A. Jenkins, Lincoln
Jill M. Gossin Jensen, Lincoln
Roger K. Johnson, Plattsmouth
Hon. Christopher E. Kelly, Omaha
Joseph P. Kelly, Lincoln

Justin J. Knight, Lincoln
Philip J. Kosloske, Omaha
Nancy L. Loftis, Lincoln
Christine Lustgarten, Lincoln
Hon. Patrick R. McDermott, Schuyler
Carlos A. Monzon, Lincoln
Kathryn M. Moore, Lincoln
James E. O'Connor, Omaha
Luke H. Paladino, Omaha
Edith T. Peebles, Omaha
Erin C. Duggan Pemberton, Lincoln
Glenn A. Pettis, Jr., Omaha
Hon. Gary B. Randall, Omaha
Aaron W. Rodenburg, Council Bluffs, IA
Audrey L. Sautter, York
Rick A. Schreiner, Beatrice
John O. Sennett, Broken Bow
Marti S. Sleister, Omaha
Cheryl Whitten Steckelberg, Lincoln
Elizabeth A. Sterns, Lincoln
Diana H.E. Thomson, Omaha
Nicholas D. Valle, Hastings
Elaine A. Waggoner, Lincoln
James P. Waldron, Omaha
Hon. Robert C. Wester, Papillion
Hon. William Zastera, Papillion

Executive Council Liaison:
Jason S. Doele, Norfolk

NSBA Staff:
Chris Aupperle