Casemaker Premium is an online legal research engine similar to Lexis or Westlaw. It is available to all NSBA members who pay dues. Casemaker includes legal authorities for all fifty (50) states, plus the federal government, and has a companion mobile application.

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The NSBA offers over 300 CLE courses each year, via a variety of formats: in-person, live webcast, teleconference, and on-demand.

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NSBA Health Insurance Consortium
Both small and large law firms face challenges in relation to the availability of health insurance options as well as the rising costs of these options. The Nebraska State Bar Association is working to offer a health insurance option for its members by establishing the NSBA Health Insurance Consortium. In simple terms, the Consortium will consist of multiple employers, with NSBA membership, working together to obtain affordable health insurance coverage on terms similar to those available only to large employers.  More Information on the Health Insurance Consortium

2018 NSBA Voluntary Dues
Thank you for support of the NSBA. Your 2018 dues entitle you to a number of benefits and services. To ensure you are taking advantage of all that is available to you, please visit our Member Benefits page.

Members who pay by credit card have the option of setting up an auto-renewal process. By selecting auto-renewal, the NSBA will automatically extend member benefits, without the hassle of completing a dues statement each year.

To renew your 2018 dues online, follow these steps

  • Log-In to your NSBA Account.
  • Locate and click on the **Renew Your Membership Now** link.
  • Review your contact information and complete the online dues statement.
  • Submit payment.

If you need assistance logging-in, please contact the administration department.

PLEASE NOTE: The NSBA no longer collects the Nebraska Supreme Court’s mandatory assessment, which is required in order to be licensed to practice law in Nebraska. For questions regarding your license status or to pay your mandatory assessment, please contact the Attorney Services Division of the Court at 402-471-3137 or

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